Thursday, May 7, 2015

Spring Clean Your Studio Bloghop

When Cheryl Sleboda put out a call for spring cleaning volunteers, I jumped at the chance! I'm such a deadline driven person, I knew this would be a great opportunity for me to get my space cleaned up.

My sewing space is actually in the master bedroom of our teeny townhome. All the more reason to clean it up...I know it drives my husband nuts when it's a mess.

Oh my gosh, ya'll. This is pretty embarrassing. Under that table is all my UFOs in a total jumble. I can barely see that work table anymore, it's a dumping ground. It would be nice to be able to sit down and work at it again.

My poor bookshelf has buckled under the weight of quilting books and magazines. It needs some TLC!

A peek under my sewing table. That strange pile of stuff on the left? Clothes and household stuff that needs mending. My box of scraps is overflowing.

 It's a big board of JUNK! Having to move this onto the bed each time I need to iron is NOT working.

 Can you see the boxes of CHRISTMAS cards on top of my sewing table?? Sew embarrassing!

If I clean off the top of this chest of drawers, it's the perfect place for my cutting mat. So I can get the cutting mat off the ironing board.

My broad goals before starting the clean up were:
1. Put away anything that already had a designated place.
2. Repair my bookshelf and install a new shelf that has been waiting for two years.
3. Use an almost empty drawer to hold some of my overflow.
4. Deep clean! Everything needed dusting, wiping and a thorough vacuuming.
5. Redecorate! Use that new shelf to display some of my favorite things and make my sewing space cozy. I spend a lot of time in here!

Tip: Enlist help! Hubby helped repair my bookshelf and he installed my new shelf. What a great quilter husband! Also a reminder that it always gets a lot worse before it gets better. Ack, that floor gives me heart palpitations.

My faithful Mike the Tiger held my fascinator for me. I didn't get a photo but my eight year old hot-glued a favorite piece of art that needed repair for me.

New Shelf of Awesomeness!! It makes me happy every time I walk in this room now. Why, yes, that is a shirtless Daniel Craig smiling right back at me.

Most of the work involved sorting stuff and putting it where it belongs!! Once it was put away in my kids' rooms, in the trash can, or in its designated place, my stuff is manageable! TBD Bee represent!

My bookshelf has been repaired, and lightened of some of its load.

*Big Sigh* of happiness. I feel better just looking at this clean space! And I work so much more efficiently when everything is easy to find.

Boxes of stuff to leave my house!!!!

Another cleaning list:
2 days
8 hours
3 swiffer duster refills
1 box tissues (Oh the dust!! Woe my allergies...)
1 emptied vacuum canister
3 boxes of items to be passed on to others
5 bags of trash/recycles
1 happy husband
1 Really Happy Sewist

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll be back to see my creations.

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  1. woohoo! you did it!! great post!!! Now go make a mess... or not :-)

  2. I love quilt husbands and shelves of awesomeness! Great job and I feel your pain about the dust!

  3. Look at that awesome studio space now! Can't wait to get mine done! Hi five Misty!

  4. Kudos! I'm excited to share all the fun this spring clean will create! Had to share about you today :)

  5. I liked your wonky bookcase; you could start a new furniture trend! Your studio looks great!

  6. Inspiring! Great job, and you cat defending the fascinator is hysterical! Your sewing machine actually looked happy.

  7. I LOVE the color of the walls in your studio!

  8. WOW - so inspiring. I really need a rehab!

  9. I've always said I don't mind clutter as much as dirt, but the two go hand in hand to some extent, since when your place is messy you can't clean and dirt and dust build up. It's great that you quantified the size of your task. Just 8 hours and 2 days - that's achievable for everyone living in clutter.

    Lucy Andrews @ Safeclean Westminster