Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1, 2014

About two months ago, I started my newest hand applique project. I like to always have something to carry around with me, on which to work in spare moments.

It took some debating but I decided on the Baltimore Garden Quilt.  I bought the book from Barbara Burnham at a Baltimore Applique Society meeting, and it's nice to have her available to answer questions (along with so many other very talented applique artists.)

I am making this as a 15th anniversary gift to myself and my husband, which gives me until July 2015 to complete it. I'm using scrappy Christmas fabrics, red, green and gold, mostly out of what I already own. I'm keeping all the stems the same green. I did buy yardage for the background fabric.

I finished my first block today, and prepped two more.

I have learned a lot already, just making the first block.  This is the first quilt I've made using patterns on a CD, so there's a learning curve there (thank goodness for a techie husband).  I've tried several markers for marking the background, but have found I just prefer a pencil. I have learned how to make lots of stems at one time.  I picked up a set of these bias press bars and have mastered them.

I also started a journal about the process for this quilt. My friend showed me one that she made for her Dear Jane quilt, and I just knew I needed one for this project.  I have two sheet protectors for each block in a binder.  One is for notes, and the other holds the printed pattern and any pieces I've prepared.

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