Thursday, October 30, 2014

October 30, 2014

Oh, blessed day, you have arrived! I'm so excited to be able to post photos of these works to share.

I'm on my way to Houston, to be reunited with two of my quilts which are being exhibited at the International Quilt Festival 2014.

My small quilt, Not Half Bad, is part of the What's for Dinner? exhibit.

Not Half Bad depicts six oysters on the half-shell, hand sewn in silk, on an organza plate of ice. The napkin is a vintage handkerchief.  Of course, I included cocktail sauce, lemon slices, and beer. These placemat-sized quilts will be exhibited on a dinner table, how cool is that?

My quilt, It's Not the House, is part of the Festival Gallery of Quilt Art. This year's theme is Home.



detail of outside

detail of inside

This quilt came out of a family discussion. My husband said one night, fussing, "Sometimes living in this house..." and my son immediately said, "It's not the house, it's the people!"

The "bricks" that make up the outside have words on them that describe each of us, and are color coded to match each interior profile. The doors can be secured open or closed using jewelry magnets that are sewn on in strategic places.

I'm so excited to be in Houston! It is fabulous to see my quilt hanging here.

I'll be doing a three minute video about It's Not the House on Saturday for Quilt Alliance, in which I'll tell about how I got my design idea, and the process by which I made the quilt.

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  1. Those are so cool Misty! I'm so excited for you, I can tell people I know you! Congratulations!