Friday, November 14, 2014

November 13, 2014

In Houston, I took three classes. I was very impressed with their overall quality.

Thursday afternoon, I took a class with Wendy Butler Berns called "Thumbnail to Grand Scale."

In this photos, Wendy is holding one of her designs that has been englarged to a grand scale.

Friday, I took a wonderful class with Jenny Rayment, called "Tucked and Embellished Circles."  I just adore Jenny's quilts and have admired them at shows for years. She is a great teacher with a wicked sense of humor.

 We learned how to make tucks, and embellish the edges with couched yard, or satin stitches.

We had an option for making a second example, using different techniques.

 Jenny's examples

 sewing machines were provided. this is a necchi machine, very nice!

 some people used batiks

 I just used muslin.

I really enjoyed this all day, hands on class.

One day, when I grow up....

 Aren't they gorgeous~

Lastly on Sunday morning, I took a three hour class with Rita Lynne, making 3-D flower embellishments.

One of the good things about Sunday classes, is teachers don't want to haul home class supplies and they give you extras! We got double kits on each of these flowers.

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